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Sayer Date
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This type of date called Saemeran in local places and the most popular in oversea market. Sayer date is another delicious variety of dates produced in Iran. The most important specification of this type is being semi-dry which is capable to be stored with longer shelf life in comparison with other kind of dates. Sayer (Sair) in the point of sugar and nutrition value is unique and it has great syrup.

In addition to mentioned characteristics, the suitability of this date and its soft tissues and other physical conditions, world’s food industries executive use in their products and it is their first choice.

The Iranian Sayer date is available in whole dates, in pitted or non-pitted forms in grades (Super Select, Select Grade A, GAQ, FAQ), and also the best chopped dates and dates paste made of Sayer date.



Reddish brown or dark-brown color, Sweet , thin skin, unique delicious taste

Dates Type

Semi Dry

Storing condition

A: Regular warehouse is good enough subject to interim fumigation

B: Cold room at +5 to +8ºC is recommended for long period

Shelf Life

A: In regular warehouse over one year

B: In cold room over 2 years


under %16

Shape and Size

long, round, size about 2.5 – 4 cm  

Harvest Time

Mid-September to mid-October

Best time for ordering

Ordering: October / November

Growing Region

Hormozgan Province 


Pitted or unpitted can be consumed for Bakery, confectionery, Snack, Medicine, Dates Paste, Industrial


Most common is 10 Kg telescopic carton


Dry Container, Each 20' ≈ 17 MT, 40' ≈ 26 MT