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Rabbi Date
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Rabbi date is a semi-dried date fruit which can be kept in normal temperature of room.

Rabbi date are one of the most delicious kinds of dates which are like Mozafati date in color and same as Piyarom date in texture. This type of date is sweet but not so juicy and covered in a thin and light skin.

The date is available in seversl sizes, attractive dark color and soft texture, less humid and hard in flesh. Since the water content in this kind of date is low it makes transportation easier and its shelf life is longer. Rabbi date is one of the most important productions of Sistan and Baluchestan province. Iranshahr and Zabol has high quality Rabbi date. There is another type of Rabbi date smaller and much more rigid and dry and it are used for diabetic people because of their low and natural sugar.


Black-Brown Color, Soft, Thin, Meaty, Fully-cling to the flesh, Sweet with suitable sugar

Dates Type

Semi Dry

Storing condition

A: Regular warehouse is good enough subject to interim fumigation

B: Cold room under +15ºC is recommended for long period

Shelf Life

A: In regular warehouse one year

B: In cold room over 2 years


Under %15    

Shape and Size

Long, Oval, siaze about 4 – 5 cm

Harvest Time

Late August to late September

Best time for ordering

September /October /November

Growing Region

Sistan-Baluchistan Province


Direct Consumption and/or Pitted For Industrial Consumption


5 Kg, 10 Kg Carton Box


Dry Container, Each 20' ≈ 17 MT, 40' ≈ 28 MT