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Mazafati Date
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Mazafati date is one of the most famous and delicious varieties of the dates in the world. It has beautiful blackish dark purple color. It is fleshy, very soft, and so delicate. Its moisture content (15-35%) depends on the harvesting time and the place where the date grows. This date has a huge annual yield and accounts large portion of date consumption in Iran internal market. The most desirable and delicious mazafati date is grown in Bam a city in southern east area of Iran. “Bam Date” and "Kimia Date" are other names of Mozafati. The Soft texture, pleasant black color, delicious flavor and high moisture are all of the special features of this Rutab date.


Dark purple to black Color, Soft Skin, Meaty, So Sweet and delicious

Dates Type

Fresh & Semi Fresh

Storing condition

A: Regular warehouse not recommended for long period

B: Cold room at -5 to + 5ºC

Shelf Life

A: In regular warehouse 1 month

B: In cold room over 18 months


18 – 35 %

Shape and Size

Round, Oval, size about 3 - 4.5 cm

Harvest Time

Mid-August to mid-September

Best time for ordering

October on ward

Growing Region

Kerman Province


Used Unpitted for Direct Consumption and/or Pitted For Industrial consumption


400,450,600,650 g Carton Box, 5 Kg Carton


Reefer Container, Each 20' ≈ 12 MT, 40' ≈ 20 MT