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Zahedi Date
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Zahedi date can be considered as the most frequently used kind of date in Iran. The date is dry, with yellow color, meaty and so delicious, which its moisture is less than other kinds of dates . Zahedi date is not sweet, so it is suited for those who don’t like sweet taste.

Zahedi date can be grown in most tropical cities of Iran but most of Iranian Zahedi date is cultivated in Fars and Bushehr  provinces.

Zahedi date is also called Zohdi and Ghasb sate in some other cities. Sometimes their skins stick to the flesh and sometimes based on weather, heat, humidity the fruit skin separate from the fleshy part. It can easily be stored all year long and it can be used for vinegar production. Zahedi




yellow color to light brown, thick, less sweet

Dates Type


Storing condition

A: Regular warehouse is good enough subject to interim fumigation

B: Cold room at +5 to +8ºC is recommended for long period

Shelf Life

A: In regular warehouse over one year

B: In cold room over 2 years


under %14

Shape and Size

short, oval, round, size about 2.5 – 3.5 cm

Harvest Time

Mid-September to mid-October

Best time for ordering


Growing Region

Khuzestan, Fars, Bushehr and Kermanshah Province 


Used Unpitted for Direct Consumption and/or Pitted For Industrial consumption


500g, 700g, 7 Kg, 10 Kg Carton Box


Dry Container, Each 20' ≈ 17 MT, 40' ≈ 28 MT